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Seabrook Church of England Primary School

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We design learning experiences which build on the child’s skills and knowledge, challenge them to do their best and are likely to result in success.



Phonics is an important skill which taught from the time children start school.  It enables them to decode when reading and develop their spelling skills. At Seabrook Church of England Primary School we use a scheme called LETTERS AND SOUNDS. At the end of Year 1 all pupils are screened using the DfE Phonics Screening materials. Any pupils who do not meet the required threshold will receive additional support and will be re-screened at the end of Year 2.    


Learning Styles

All children are individuals and as such present us with a wide range of learning styles, some learn well by listening, some by seeing things, and others need to physically do things to consolidate their learning. In our teaching we stimulate as many senses as possible to ensure all children progress in their learning.



We think it is vital for all children to experience success in their learning, so we ensure they know exactly what we want them to learn and what a successful attempt will look like. Setting appropriate objectives and expectations helps children to achieve.



We provide a stimulating environment in which children can access the materials and information they need in their work, increasing their independence as learners. The result is that we have successful, confident learners.


Religious Education

Religious Education is taught throughout the school using the Kent Scheme of Work. Swordfish Class visit Canterbury Cathedral every other year to enjoy the many activities of Cathedral Day.


Equality and Diversity

Seabrook Primary School is committed to providing the full range of opportunities for all pupils regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, social, cultural, or religious background. All pupils have equal access to the curriculum and the right to a learning environment that dispels ignorance, prejudice and stereotyping.

We believe that it is essential for children to develop an understanding of a variety of cultures. We aim to help children grow into adults who respect and care for all people.


Modern Foreign Languages

All children in KS2 are taught French. 



At Seabrook we have over 18 laptops and over 30 ipads that all the children can use in class for various aspects of their learning.

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