Seabrook Church of England Primary School
Seabrook Church of England Primary School

Seabrook Church of England Primary School

Everybody Matters

School Vision and Ethos

Vision Statement

Everybody Matters


As a community of learners we understand God loves us equally and unconditionally and wants us to live life in all its fullness. We instil love and respect for all the natural world and everything is encompasses. We value each unique individual’s diversity of gifts and talents and celebrate all their hard work and achievements and champion each learner’s journey to reach their God-given potential.



Values and Ethos


At Seabrook we want to be a school that shines God’s love in all we do.  We want pupils, staff and parents alike to know and feel that they are precious in God’s eyes and valued for who they are.  Jesus shared the parable of the Lost Sheep as a way to illustrate God’s love for us all.  In the same way that the shepherd dropped everything to go and search for his missing sheep (even though he had 99 more) we at Seabrook value each individual because we believe God cares for us all.  And just as the shepherd celebrated the return of his lost sheep, we in turn celebrate the unique gifts, talents and hard work of everyone in our school family and the beauty of our natural world.  Our core values stem from the Christian belief that because God loves us, He wants us to love everybody and trust that He has the brightest future planned for us all.  We celebrate and uphold the values of love, hope, peace, respect, perseverance and forgiveness within our school, our community and beyond. These help us on our day to day journeys to live well together, to love our planet and to strive to be the very best we can be in all we do.

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