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Covid Guidance

Latest Guidance - September 2021


Dear Parents / Carers

Now that we have been back for a few weeks, I thought it would be a good time to clarify some information regarding Covid 19 detection and infection.


LFD Tests (lateral flow devices) - these should only be used when a child/adult is well and has NO Covid symptoms. These home test kits should hopefully pick up some asymptomatic cases that would be missed otherwise. Unfortunately they are not sensitive enough to pick up every positive case and they are not suitable to be used if your child is displaying a symptom of Covid 19 (cough, temperature, loss of taste/smell). Should you have a positive result on an LFD test then you are advised and recommended to take a PCR test to confirm the result (as these are far more accurate). The PCR test overrides any LFD test result, so if the PCR test result is negative then your child can return to school should they feel fit and well.

Your child develops Covid symptoms (cough, temperature, loss of taste/smell) – Your child must stay at home and are advised and recommended to have a PCR test as soon as possible. Please do not assume it is simply a cold. Your child must begin self-isolation until the results of the PCR test are known. If the test result is negative then they can return to school if they are feeling fit and well, even if they still have a slight cough (as long as it is not a new symptom). If the PCR test is positive then your child must continue and complete the required period of self-isolation before returning to school. Whilst taking any of these tests is entirely voluntary, if your child does not take a PCR test when a Covid 19 symptom presents, they will not be allowed to attend school until the required period of self isolation is completed.


Self-isolation - No child can have absence authorised for isolating ‘just in case’. Students with no Covid symptoms themselves can only have authorised absence for isolating if they have been told to do so by the NHS. This is a new ruling by the government and not discretionary for schools.

Obtaining a PCR Test - should you have any difficulty getting a PCR test arranged for your child, we do have some kits that we can give to you to administer at home and they are kits that need to be sent off in the post to be analysed. This process does take a little longer to get the result back, therefore we recommend whenever possible, that you use a local testing centre. Appointments can be booked online at and are completely free. Some centres also offer a turn up and test policy, so booking is not always needed.


By following these procedures you are helping to reduce the spread of this virus, helping to keep the school running normally and also reducing the chance of wider measures, such as the return of bubbles and isolations, becoming necessary.


Thank you for your continued support.


Kind regards

Seabrook Primary School

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