School Life

Seabrook Primary School is a wonderful place to learn and provides a fun and nurturing environment for children.

Online Safety

The school takes Online Safety very seriously and has a policy that the staff and children follow. This can be viewed in the policy section of About our School page. The website links below give valuable information for parents and carers with practical information about how to keep their children and themselves self online.
pdfParent Information Booklet: The Internet and Children... What's the problem?
Please click on the link below for the latest Online Safety Parenting magazine Online Safety magazine for parents Safer Internet Day 2016 Please click on the links for information about helping your child stay safe online Parent-Factsheet-SID16 Parents-Conversation-Starters-SID16 Supporting-young-people-online protect-your-family-on-line   Safer Internet Day 2018 Tuesday 5th February - Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better Internet starts with you. Why not try this quiz. It is aimed for children 8 and over Safer Internet Day information: Top tips for Under 11's

Free School Meals

If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals please contact the school office for more details and an application form or use the link below to download the form. Applications can be made online:

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is available every morning from 7.50am to 8.40am, and gives children the chance to see their peers and eat a nutritious breakfast before the school day begins. Children who come along get a bowl of cereal, some toast and a drink of juice, all for £2.00.


We run a number of extra-curricular clubs, both at lunchtimes and after school. The clubs available can include Multi-Sports, Art, Recorders, Choir, Football, Urban Saints, Gardening, Creative, Computer, Circus Skills and Prayer club, although we vary them each year to provide a wide range of experiences.

Family Liaison Officer

Seabrook has a dedicated Family Liaison Officer (FLO), Mrs Harris, who is in 3 days a week. She is available to provide ongoing support to families, helping to ensure children can thrive in their learning during their time at Seabrook.

Reading at Home

We encourage parents to hear their children read on a regular basis, and discuss the books they are reading together. We have introduced Accelerated Reader into school which further enhances the children's understanding of the books they read as the children take an online quiz about the book they have just read. We also hold a Book Week each year to celebrate literature, often including a day when the children can dress as a fictional character.

Healthy Eating

We promote a healthy eating ethos in school, providing balanced school dinners and encouraging nutritious lunch boxes. We ask that lunch boxes do not contain items such as chocolate or sweets, and crisps should not be sent in on a regular basis.

Educational Visits

We enjoy a number of educational visits throughout the year, which are used to enhance topic work that the children study in class. Some of our recent destinations have included the Multi-Cultural Festival at Folkestone University, Canterbury Cathedral, Dover Castle, the nearby Royal Military Canal, Leas Cliff Park and the Kent Life Museum.

Eco Travel

We encourage children to cycle, walk or park and stride on their journey to school. Those children that do are rewarded with an “eco stamp”. The children receive medals if they accumulate enough stamps during the year.

St. Martin's Church

Seabrook Primary School has strong links with our local church, St. Martin's. We hold our carol service at the church and the vicar regularly takes our Collective Worship in school.

Peer Mediators & Active Play Leaders

Some year 5 and 6 children train as play leaders so that they can initiate play with younger children in the school during break and lunchtimes. Others are Peer Mediators and are available in the playground to sort out disagreements between children.

Collective Worship

The children take part in Collective Worship daily. The whole school gets together three times a week and the key stages twice a week. South Kent Community Church visits the school once or twice a term to take our Collective Worship.